Austral Wright Metals Services

Through many years of experience and product knowledge Austral Wright Metals are able to offer products and services that exceed customer needs and requirements.

Our team includes Australia’s top experts in metals, with a wide experience in the successful use of all types of non-ferrous products. Talk to them and you get it straight! No sales pitch: no glib assurances. We’re serious about getting the right product for your needs.

Stainless Steel
Dr Alex Gouch – 02 9827 0742
Alan Morris – 02 9827 0737

Aluminium, Copper and Brass Alloys
Dr. Alex Gouch – 02 9827 0742
Bruce McArthur – 02 9827 0775

Nickel Alloys & High Performance Materials
Dr. Alex Gouch – 02 9827 0742