About Austral Wright Metals

Austral Wright Metals has been a leading metals distributor in Australia for more than 20 years. With non ferrous manufacturing origins for over 70 years prior to this, it means we know metals and the industry better than most.


A comprehensive range of stock;  helpful, dedicated and knowledgeable staff;  a determination to supply what you need when you need it, at the quality level you require – it adds up to unbeatable service. Our aim is next day delivery for orders for standard stock, and our warehouses around the country are staffed and equipped to achieve this.

With over 5,000 items of copper, brass and bronze, stainless steel, aluminium and even some titanium and nickel alloy products in stock, we are well equipped to meet your requirements. Where customers need non-standard products, special sizes and qualities, or have variable demand, Austral Wright Metals will provide special stocking arrangements.

We also source and indent larger quantities of specialized products from mills around the world. Check out the coins in your pocket – all made from premium quality coin blanks supplied to the Royal Australian Mint by Austral Wright Metals.


Exceptional customer service starts with people.  Austral Wright Metals develop and retain high quality personnel with a variety of training courses covering product knowledge and skills training.

This is supported by metallurgists and engineers with an unrivalled knowledge of the metals we sell, gained from mill careers in making the metals.  In the design phase we’re here to help you with product specifications and optimum material selection – economic & technical – and we can help out if you have problems in fabrication or in service.

Customers can expect a quick and well informed response to any enquiry for material or for information.


Austral Wright Metals sources from selected high quality mills overseas.  We choose the best for reliable product quality, price and delivery.

Sourcing is our key contribution to the industry – we aim to supply the best combination of quality, delivery and price to make your business more competitive.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.