Copper Wire Supplier Australia

Austral Wright Metals is Australia’s leading supplier of the copper and brass products, carrying a huge range of items nationwide. Whilst copper wire is not stocked by Austral Wright Metals, we have excellent overseas supplier to consider your enquiry. The superior qualities of copper in particular makes it the ideal product in a vast range […]

Copper splashback

Using Copper Splashbacks

Copper Splashback Copper can be a good choice for a splashback installed on your kitchen walls in certain situations. Whether in domestic surroundings or commercial business such as cafes. Copper is known for its attractive appearance, and it can add a warm and stylish touch to your kitchen or bathroom. It has a distinctive, reddish-brown […]

Aluminium Tube

Aluminium Tube Supplier

About Aluminium Round Tubes Aluminium tube are versatile cylindrical containers made from aluminium metal. They have a wide range of applications across various industries due to their lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and malleable properties. What are the uses of aluminium tubes? Here are some common uses of aluminum tubes: Packaging: Aluminium round tube are often used for […]

Brass Supplier

Brass Supplier Sydney

Discover Australia’s leading brass and metal supplier today! From sheets and coils to bars and tubes, Austral Wright Metals has an unbeatable range. Sydney’s Expert Brass Supplier Welcome to our world of excellence in brass supply! We pride ourselves on being a specialty metal merchants for all your brass, copper alloy, other specialty metals and […]

Uses of aluminium

Common Industrial Uses of Aluminium

What is aluminium used for? Aluminium is a versatile, widely used and abundant metal with a range of applications across various industries. We will not discuss the use of aluminium oxide, which is a compound of aluminium and oxygen found in minerals such as bauxite found in the earth’s crust and used in producing aluminium. […]

Copper roofing

Copper Roofing Sheet and Coil

Types of copper roofs There is no doubt that copper is the premium roofing material, along with zinc cladding, as the best cladding products. It’s distinctive look attracts immediate attention meet most design requirements. There are several types of copper roofs, each with their own unique characteristics and benefits. Here are a few examples: Standing […]

Does Stainless Steel Rust? Myths About Stainless Steel

“Stainless Steel Doesn’t Rust” Does stainless steel rust? Strictly speaking, stainless steel doesn’t rust. Some industry publications even say it can’t. But like all materials, there are some environments that are just too corrosive and stainless steel will be attacked – after all, even gold will dissolve in aqua regia, a potent mixture of nitric and […]

Fabricating New Generation Ferritic Stainless Steels

AWM 404GP® and 445M2 AWM 404GP® is a general purpose grade stainless steel, with corrosion resistance as least as good as general purpose 304. 445M2 is a marine grade stainless steel, with corrosion resistance as least as good as marine grade 316 – usually better. AWM 404GP® & 445M2 get you ahead of the competition. It’s […]

Stainless Steel Australia

How To Clean Stainless Steel

I would like to buy a stainless steel appliance for my kitchen. But isn’t its beautiful surface difficult to clean? No, stainless steels are easy to clean. For this reason, they are the normal choice of material in catering and food manufacturing industries. The smooth and non-porous surface makes it difficult for bacteria and other […]

patina copper

Copper Coating Clear Organic Finishes

Introduction to Copper Coatings The distinctive colours of copper and copper alloys make them prized for architectural and consumer items and objects of art. Their natural metallic tones range from reddish to silvery. A number of other colours can be obtained by chemical or electrochemical processing. Copper and its alloys are extremely resistant to corrosion, […]


Natural Metals Composites Information

In March 2015 we introduce to you COPPER, BRASS and STAINLESS composite panels. These products use a thin skin of natural metal with a composite core to provide flatter panels and easier fabrication. This is not aluminium composite imitating copper – this is the real deal.