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The High Performance Materials group sources a wide range of non ferrous & specialised alloys to meet critical applications. The group also works with its Customers on major projects such as new plant as well as maintenance & expansion of existing plants. We have the capability of supplying fully fabricated products as well as semi fabs. We carry as extensive range of stocks of these specialised alloys in our warehouse.


  • Heat Exchanger tubes & tube plates in Brasses, Copper Nickel, Duplex Stainless, Nickel alloys & Titanium alloys.
  • Copper Nickel pipe and fittings for the shipbuilding, petroleum, and offshore industry.
  • Nickel Alloys & Cobalt Alloys including Hastelloy, Haynes alloys, Inconels, Incoloys, Monels, Nickel Iron alloys in sheet, coil, plate, pipe, fittings, bar, wire etc.
  • Special Copper alloys including Beryllium Copper, Tungsten Copper, Chrome Copper, Leaded Nickel Silvers.
  • Titanium Alloys in all grades including Gr2, Gr5, Gr7, Gr12 in Sheet, Plate, & Pipe.
  • Fittings and Fabricated Products.
  • Duplex & Super Duplex S/S in plate, pipe, fittings etc.
  • Bronze bearing product in LG2, PB1, AB –extensive stocks of solid and hollow bar as well as sources for plates.
  • Welding consumables to support the product range.

Download our catalogue:

   High Performance Alloys Catalogue