> Introduction to Copper

> Copper Sheet, Plate and Coil

> Copper Bar – Round, Square and Flat

> Copper Tube

> Brass Sheet & Plate

> Brass Bar – Round, Square, Flat, Hexagonal & Angle

> Tube – Brass, Aluminium and Copper Nickel

> Phosphor Bronze Sheet & Rod

> Beryllium Copper Coil

The superioCopper, Brass & Bronzer qualities of copper and copper alloy make them the ideal products in a vast range of commercial, industrial and domestic applications.

In addition to its well known traditional properties – electrical and thermal conductivity, malleability and resistance to corrosion – copper is far more versatile in combining with other metals to provide performance characteristics needed to satisfy today’s increasingly complex demands. To meet the exact specifications of our customers, Austral Wright Metals sources, stocks and supplies products from leading copper and brass mills around the world.

Customers can request products to be produced to their individual specifications, or select from Austral Wright Metals’ extensive stocks of copper and copper alloy sheet, coil and extrusions.

Find out how fast we could deliver to your facility, what prices we can offer or let us help you choose the right product for you.


Our standard product range includes:

Copper, Brass, Copper Alloys from Austral Wright Metals Download Our Full Brass, Copper & Copper Alloys Catalogue

Copper Sheet and Coil

  • Alloys C10200, C10100, C11000, C12200, C14400, C14700
  • Thickness from .0.05mm – 25mm
  • Width up to 1200mm
  • Soft or half hard

> Copper Introduction

 Copper Sheet & Plate

 Copper Coil

 Copper Pancake Coil

 Alloy Sheet

Copper Bar – round, square and flat (including busbar)

 Copper Introduction

 Copper Bar Brochure

 Copper Flat

 Copper Round & Square

 Copper Tube

Brass Sheet Coil and Plate

  • Alloys C26000, C27000, C27200, C22000 and C26800
  • Thickness from 0.30 to 2.00mm – Plate up to 25.0mm
  • Width up to 900mm

 Brass Coil

 Brass Data

 Brass Sheet 70 – 30

 Brass Plate

 Brass Sheet Engraving

Brass Bar – round, square, flat, hexagonal and angle

 Brass Bar Brochure

 Brass Data

 Brass Round & Flat

 Brass Hex Angle & Square

 Brass Hollow

 Tube – brass, aluminium brass and copper nickel

 Aluminium Brass & Copper Nickel Tube

 Brass Tube

Phosphor Bronze Sheet and Rod

 Phosphor Bronze Sheet & Rod


 Beryllium Copper Coil