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Our Adelaide branch is South Australia’s metal supplier of choice. We also have warehouses and offices across Australia and offer nationwide delivery on our metal supplies — a network of fast transport systems guarantees speedy distribution.

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23 Taminga Street, Regency Park,
SA 5010
PO Box 2103, Regency Park, SA 5942
Phone: 08 8300 1800
Fax: 08 8345 1044

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    Austral Wright Metals has a history of over 100 years in the metal supply business as the industry’s leaders.

    We have over 5,000 items of copper, brass and bronze, stainless steel, titanium, nickel alloy and aluminium products in stock — including but not limited to sheet, plate, coil, bar, tube and tube fittings, pipes and pipe fittings.

    Austral Wright Metals has over 100 years as the industry's leader in the metal supply business.

    We have over 5,000 items of copper, brass and bronze, stainless steel, titanium, nickel alloy and aluminium products in stock — including but not limited to sheet, plate, coil, bar, tube and tube fittings, pipes and pipe fittings.

    What makes Austral Wright Metals the leading copper, stainless steel and aluminium supplier in Adelaide?

    We combine:

    • Quality materials
    • Wide range of products
    • Exceptional service
    • Flexible orders
    • Competitive pricing

    Whatever your project and requirements, we can provide the materials to get it done and done correctly.

    High-quality stainless steel supplies and non-ferrous supplies

    Our products have been reformed over many years and are used in a wide range of applications throughout Australia. We go to full lengths to ensure our customers are more than satisfied with our fabrication quality. Our Products are used across many industries in Australia including mechanical, electrical and chemical processing. The overall quality is a prime focus for us, sourcing the best raw materials to formulate our final products. We are a privately owned company that takes pride in supplying our customers with the finest materials available. Contact us to learn more about our product range and services.

    Copper and Copper Alloys

    Copper and copper alloys are one of the major groups of commercial metals.  They offer a large range of properties, including excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, outstanding corrosion resistance, good strength and fatigue resistance, and appearance.  Copper and brass products are a popular choice when welding and folding materials. The bronze aspects also provide a unique appeal when used in construction, which can shape textile and visual characteristics.

    Austral Wright Metals - metal supplier Adelaide


    Stainless Steel

    We offer a diverse range of standard and non-standard stainless steel products for any application, including stainless steel plate, sheet, coil, flat bar, rod etc. We supply our product to stainless steel processing services, manufacturing businesses and general engineering shops around Western Australia. Our Perth team is fully equipped to provide a full-service solution. The unique environmental factors in Australia are also factored into the formation of our products. We have designed with this local mindset so rest assured that we understand the needs of Australia and therefore ensure our materials are optimised for these conditions. Austral Wright Metals has warehouses around Australia that are fully equipped to process unique requests and modify materials to suit customise deliverables. We understand the complete service solution and work with clients to establish the ideal outcome. Our collaboration and association with Asian and European mills also ensure our production standards are stringent and effective. Analysing and collaborating internationally ensures we have maximum visibility of state of the art resources, projects and new research. We can in turn filter and design our Australian materials with this in mind whilst keeping the local Australian environment front of mind.


    Stainless steel roof - Gabo Island - Austral Wright Metals, the metal supplier Adelaide.



    Our 75 year old business has allowed us to reform and modify our products to ensure we are providing the most effectives solution in the most efficient and eco friendly way possible. The unique properties found in aluminium allow for strength whilst being flexible across an array of solutions. These quality products can all be produced locally in South Australia to suit any client specific needs. We assist a wide range of industries at ensure we advertise the best price for our superior aluminium products.