Copper Tubing & Copper Pipes for Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainage Applications – AS1432

Austral Wright Metals copper tube & copper pipe for plumbers is manufactured to meet the requirements of Australian Standard AS1432 and carries the Watermark Certificate of approval. We also supply many manufacturing companies, so please contact us about your Layer Wound Coil (LWC) copper, non-standard sizes, refrigeration requirements and other designated products in copper tube and copper pipe. We have the right product for your job.

copper tube in straight length or coils
copper tube in straight length or coils

Copper pipe and tube is classified into four different specification types based on wall thickness for a specific outside diameter. Products can be colour coded with cap as follows: Type A : Green Type B : Blue Type C : Red Type D : Black. There are also several tempers available, ranging from soft, to bendable, to hard drawn. Each unique item has an individual product code in our system.

Whilst plumbing tube in Australia is still sold in inch or imperial sizes, it is hard converted into mm or metric for ordering purposes. Contact us for free delivery on large orders.

Find out how fast we could deliver to your facility, what prices we can offer or let us help you choose the right product for you.

Precision Engineering for Optimal Performance

Crafted with precision and engineered to perfection, copper tube offer unparalleled performance. Their smooth interior surface minimizes friction, enhancing fluid flow efficiency and reducing energy consumption. Furthermore, copper’s natural antimicrobial properties make it an ideal choice for conveying potable water, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

Sustainable by Nature

In an era where sustainability reigns supreme, copper tubes shine as a beacon of eco-friendliness. With a lifecycle that spans generations, copper is infinitely recyclable without compromising its quality. By choosing copper tubes, you’re not just investing in superior functionality; you’re also making a conscientious choice for the planet.

Whether it’s for plumbing, HVAC, or any other application, copper tube offer unparalleled performance and durability. This piece highlights the myriad benefits of copper tubes, positioning them as a cornerstone of modern infrastructure and a symbol of excellence in engineering.

capped tube
capped tube

Inherent Strength

Copper tube has inherent strength, providing good resistance to external damage, puncture, abrasion, vibration bumps, and has a wide operating range for pressure and vacuum. Also good corrosion resistance.


Copper tube is impervious to oxygen, insecticide, solvents and toxins.


Copper pipe and tube is non-flammable and does not emit toxic fumes during fire.

Watermark copper tube
Watermark copper tube

Full Flow Joints

Copper pipe and tube jointing does not reduce the bore of the tube, maximising flow.

U.V. Resistance

Copper tube and pipe does not degrade from direct sunlight or become brittle with age.

Pancake coils

Also available in small pancake annealed coils.

Pancake copper tube coils
copper pancake coils

Resistance Rodent Attach

Copper pipe and tube is not prone to damage due to rodent attack.

Multi Applications

Copper pipe sizes, copper pipe fittings and tube is made to universal sizes, not a unique brand size.


Copper pipe and tube does not creep with age and has 7 to 15 times less linear expansion than other materials with heat, and continues to perform at high temperatures.

Healthier and Non-tainting

Copper pipe and tube does not adversely affect the taste of water and can reduce the number of harmful micro-organisms. As seen in the well-publicised reports on the anti-microbial properties of copper.

Copper fittings

There is a wide range of copper plumbing fittings and methods for installation, such as silver solder, push fit and press fittings. Again these items are typically spoken in inches but ordered in metric sizes.

copper elbows and tee
copper elbows and tee


Copper pipe and tube is a valuable recyclable material.

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AS1432 Copper Tubing & Copper Tubes for Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainage Applications

TYPE A – Straight Lengths

AWM Item NumberNominal SizeOutside Diameter mmWall Thickness mmImperial Equivalent ODand swgTemperLength mNominal Weightkg/lengthSafe Working Pressure kPa(up to 50C)
70001604A66.350.911/4” x 20Hard60.8311,320
70001603A87.940.915/16” x 20Hard61.088,810
70001602A109.521.023/8” x 19Hard61.468,350
70001018A1512.701.021/2” x 19BQ62.016,100
70001605A1815.881.225/8” x 18BQ63.015,750
70001606A2019.051.423/4” x 17BQ64.225,560
70001607A2525.401.631” x 16Hard66.534,750
70001608A3231.751.631 1/4” x 16Hard68.273,750
70001609A4038.101.631 1/2” x 16Hard610.023,100
70001610A5050.801.632” x 16Hard613.502,310
70001611A6563.501.632 1/2” x 16Hard616.991,840
70001612A8076.202.033”x 14Hard625.371,900
70001613A9088.902.033 1/2” x 14Hard629.711,630
70001614A100101.602.034” x 14Hard634.051,500
70001615A125127.002.035” x 14Hard642.741,200
70001616A150152.402.646” x 12Hard666.611,300
70001617A200203.202.648” x 12Hard689.21910


TYPE B – Straight Lengths

AWM Item NumberNominal SizeOutside Diameter mmWall Thickness mmImperial Equivalent OD and swgTemperLength mNominal Weightkg/lengthSafe Working Pressure kPa(up to 50C)
70001620B66.350.711/4” x 22Hard60.678,560
70001619B87.940.715/16” x 22Hard60.866,700
70001618B109.520.913/8” x 20Hard61.327,220
70000845B1512.700.911/2” x 20BQ61.815,290
70001621B1815.881.025/8” x 19BQ62.554,810
70001293B2019.051.023/4” x 19BQ63.103,970
70001021B2525.401.221” x 18Hard64.973,500
70001022B3231.751.221 1/4” x 18Hard66.282,780
70001023B4038.101.221 1/2” x 18Hard67.582,300
70001025B5050.801.222” x 18Hard610.191,710
70001030B6563.501.222 1/2” x 18Hard612.801,370
70001028B8076.201.633” x 16Hard620.481,520
70001622B9088.901.633 1/2” x 16Hard623.971,300
70001029B100101.601.634” x 16Hard627.451,200
70001623B125127.001.635” x 16Hard634.43960
70001557B150152.402.036” x 14Hard651.431,000
70001558B200203.202.038” x 14Hard668.80720


TYPE C and D – Straight Lengths

AWM Item NumberNominal SizeOutside Diameter mmWall Thickness mmImperial Equivalent ODand swgTemperLengthmNominal Weightkg/lengthSafe Working Pressure kPa(up to 50C)
70001625C109.520.713/8″ x 22Hard61.055,520
70001624C1512.700.711/2″ x 22BQ61.434,070
70001626C1815.880.915/8″ x 20BQ62.304,180
70001627C2019.050.913/4″ x 20BQ62.783,450
70001628C2525.400.911″ x 20Hard63.752,560
70001629D3231.750.911 1/4″ x 20Hard64.732,040
70001367D4038.100.911 1/2″ x 20Hard65.701,690
70001630D5050.800.912″ x 20Hard67.651,260
70001631D6563.500.912 1/2″ x 20Hard69.601,010
70001632D8076.201.223″ x 18Hard615.411,130
70001633D9088.901.223 1/2″ x 18Hard618.02970
70001634D100101.601.224″ x 18Hard620.63890
70001635D125127.001.425″ x 17Hard630.04830
70001636D150152.401.636″ x 16Hard641.40800



AWM Item NumberNominal SizeOutside Diameter mmWall Thickness mmImperial Equivalent OD and swgTemperLength mNominal Weightkg/lengthQuantity Per Box
70001448A66.350.911/4″ x 20Annealed304.1712
70001449A87.940.915/16″ x 20Annealed305.399
70001289A1512.701.021/2″ x 19Annealed186.026
70001639A2019.051.423/4″ x 17Annealed1812.654
70001450B109.520.913/8″ x 20Annealed183.968
70000809B1512.700.911/2″ x 20Annealed185.426
70001641B1815.881.025/8″ x 19Annealed187.665
70001535B2019.051.023/4″ x 19Annealed189.304
70001642B2525.401.221″ x 18Annealed1814.911
70001643C1815.880.915/8″ x 20Annealed186.895
70001644C2019.050.913/4″ x 20Annealed188.344



AS1432 Copper Tube for PlumbingPhosphorus Deoxidised Copper High Residual Phosphorus

ALLOY C12200

Copper:99.90% minimum
Recommended:AS 1432
Related:AS 1569, 1571, 1572, EN 1057, ASTM B75, B88, JIS H3300, NZS 3501
Melting Point:1083ºC
Density:8.94 x 103 kg/m3 at 20ºC
Thermal Expansion Coefficient (20-100ºC):16.8 x 10-6 perºK
Thermal Conductivity (20-100ºC):305-320 W/(m.K)
Specific Heat Capacity:385 J/kg ºK
Electrical Conductivity (annealed):75-90% I.A.C.S.
Electrical Resistivity (annealed):0.0192-0.0230 microhm m at 20ºC
Modulus of Elasticity:117 GPa
Modulus Rigidity:44 GPa
Soldering:ExcellentCold Work:Excellent
Brazing:ExcellentHot Work:Excellent
Welding:Hot Work Temp:750ºC-875ºC
Oxy-Acetylene:GoodAnnealing Range:450ºC-600ºC
Gas Shield Arc MIG/TIG:Good
Coated Metal Arc:Not recommended
Resistance Spot & Seam:Not recommended
Resistance Butt:Not recommended
Polishing:ExcellentMachining:Machinability Rating 20%
Tube TemperAnnealedBendableHard Drawn
Hardness (HV5) – Specification70 max80-100100 min
Yield (0.2% Proof) (MPa) – Typical70220350
Ultimate tensile (MPa) – Typical220280380
Elongation (% on 50mm) – Typical55205