Nickel Alloy Inconel Alloy 725 N07725
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Product Data Sheet  Nickel Alloys

Inconel® Alloy725™  UNS-N07725

Inconel® Alloy 725™ is a nickel-chromium-moybdenum-niobium alloy that is highly resistant to corrosion and is age hardenable for extremely high strength. The strength of this alloy is developed by heat treatment to achieve high ductility and toughness. The alloy is resistant to hydrogen embrittlement and stress-corrosion cracking. Used for hangers, landing nipples, side pocket mandrels and polished bore receptacles in sour gas service. Also used for high-strength fasteners in marine applications.

Chemical Composition

Round Bar & Wire

55.0-59.019.0-22.57.0-9.52.75-4.01.0-1.70.35 Max0.03 Max0.35 Max0.20 Max0.015 Max0.010 MaxRemainder

 Physical Constants and Thermal Properties

Metric Units
Imperial Units
Melting Range
8.31 g/cm³0.300 lb/in3
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
13 µm/m (20-100°C)7.22 x 10-6 in/in @ 70-200°F
Themal Conductivity
10.6 W/m. °C73.8 Btu in/ft2/h °F
Electrical Resistivity
1.144 µ? m688 ? circ mil/ft
Permeability at 200 oersted
1.001 (15.9 kA/m)

Typical Mechanical Properties

Nickel Alloy Inconel Alloy 725 N07725 Temperatures

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