Finding and choosing the right aluminium supplier in Sydney for your projects can be difficult, with a number of considerations involved. Whether it be the experience and expertise of the company, the quality of aluminium, timely delivery, and the range of products, it's important to select an aluminium supplier that best suits your needs.

With over 20 years of experience, Austral Wright Metals remains the aluminium supplier of choice for numerous trade, building, and industry customers throughout New South Wales, and across Australia. Meeting all your needs with industry-leading services, great prices, and a wide range of aluminium products to choose from.

If you're looking for aluminium supplies for your next project, you can get more information through our online contact form or email address, or simply request a quote today!

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Austral Wright Metals Aluminium Supplier Sydney

The Expert Aluminium Suppliers

As a metal supplier and aluminium distributor, we are experts in our field. Here at Austral Wright Metals, we understand how delicate aluminium can be with its properties and alloys, as well as all the advantages and limitations involved. Whether this is the importance of storing it dry and keeping it away from moisture, or how easily it can be damaged in the transportation process with other heftier metals. With a range of high-quality metals and a seamless delivery process, Austral Wright Metals takes pride in being a reputable aluminium supplier across Sydney, NSW, and all of Australia for various industries.

Value for Money

It's important you're getting value for your money when choosing an aluminium supplier. Fair pricing should always be considered, especially if you need to purchase the metal in large quantities. Though many aluminium suppliers and distributors in Sydney might also offer a large range of products, you may find prices being too steep with little or no discounts. Fortunately, Austral Wright Metals can stock you with a large amount of high-quality aluminium at market-competitive prices. We can ensure that you will not only find your preferred aluminium products but also stay within budget.

Contact us now to discuss the best options for your needs, including:

  • Selecting material in the optimum sheet size to eliminate scrap and downstream machining processes in your operation.
  • Choosing the correct aluminium grade and temper.
  • Purchasing plastic coated sheets to prevent handling dents and scratches during fabrication.
  • Post-finishing coatings and their effects such as anodising, powder coating, etc.

Austral Wright Metals Sydney

Service and Delivery Performance

As your preferred aluminium suppliers and distributors in NSW, we take pride in our fast and reliable service, offering you a seamless experience from the second you make an order enquiry up to when it reaches your doors. Here at Austral Wright Metals, our customers can always rely upon us for prompt and trustworthy service. When choosing us as your aluminium suppliers, you will have confidence that your products will be supplied to the correct specifications, packaged correctly and with care, and delivered on time.


Wide Range of Aluminium Products

Austral Wright Metals Sydney stocks a wide range of aluminium products for all your business and manufacturing needs, along with many other non-ferrous and stainless steel items. Download one of our catalogues to discover our full range of products available. Our aluminium range consists of:

Plus, Austral Write Metals also offers standard geometric extrusions and customer-specific aluminium items.

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